Saturday, 5 December 2009

My Makeup Collection

These pics are a few months old, and I've bought a lot more since...I think I have an addiction :-s


  1. oh love love...
    can you tell me how are the front cover eyeshadowsa quality wise?are they pigmented?might treat myself:)

    also in the 3rd photo what eyeshadows are those?in the plastic clear palette?

    i have an addiction just like you,cant stop buying them:))))

  2. Oohh my first ever comment!! :D


    Tbh I'm not loving the Front Cover shadows when you compare them to mac. The top row of colours are really nice, but the rest aren't very pigmented!!
    The clear palettes are primark ones, they were £1 each so I had to buy them, but they're so bad lol!! They break really easily, and have no pigment lol!!
    It's such a bad addiction, isn't it?!?!? It's so difficult to stop buying makeup lol!!