Saturday, 12 December 2009

My First Haul

Ok, so went into Boots to pick up some necessities but I think it was obvious I would come out with a lot more stuff...That I didn't actually even need!! So, I thought...Do your first haul and review!! Wooohooo!!

I bought ...

3 Bourjois eyeshadows (I love 3 for 2 offers :D
3 Sanctuary Skincare products (Again you got to love those 3 for 2's!!)
3 Lee Stafford mini's (Which I do NOT need!) as I was having a bad hair day.

Everything else I bought was boring...Wax, showergel, toothpaste blah blah...!!

So, I'll start with the shadows:

I bought these in (Left to right) Beige Rose, Brun Irreel, Rose Tentation. I used the Beige Rose (lid) & Brun Irreel (crease) with mac espresso (crease) and mac Shroom (highlight) then black liner on top and waterline for my work xmas meal on Thursday, and I am impressed!! The colours lasted all night (probably with the help of UDPP!), and looked so nice!! They were easy to blend, and were actually nicely pigmented. They're not as good as mac obviously, but for drugstore prices, they were good. I wish I took pics for you guys to see, but if anyone wants to see the look, I would be happy to re-create it.

Perfect Polished Hot Cloth Cleanser. This is like the Liz Earle stuff which is what I normally use. It comes with the cloth. Ok, I liked it...It smells ok and does the job - it cleanses off all makeup and leaves your skin feeling clean. Basically, did the same job as Liz Earle for a similar price point. The only thing I didn't like was the cloth, so I'll be purchasing this again but I will stick to the Liz Earle cloths. They feel more exfoliating, the cloth that comes with this product is far too soft.

Radiance Boosting Facial Oil. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this product!! OMG!! I usually love oils anyways, so I just thought it would be like the Decleor oils, but no, it's better!! I've been using this at night, and applying panoxyl10 over my problem areas and it's working! I thoroughly recommend this product. It smells soo good too. It does make your skin look nicer, clearer and all I can say is LOVE!

(Btw sorry for the cr@ppy photos!! I have finally found a fault with my beloved iphone!)

Radiant Skin Exfoliator. This scrub is so good too. It's got a bunch of skin radiance ingredients including pumpkin and lemon extracts. I really like it! The first day I used it, I saw a difference so it must be good! I really like it, I have a lot of exfoliators as I am addicted to them lol...St Ives, Clean and Clear warming scrub, Aapri, Liz Earle, but I do actually prefer this one the most now!

So, overall on The Sanctuary, I really recommend trying their stuff out in terms of skincare! Their body lotion is really good too, it smells lovely and actually feels warm when you apply it!! (I think it's the ginger in it!) I'm usually a expensive products kind of girl, but I think I am converted totally to The Sanctuary's' skin care line.

Ok, so finally....the Lee Stafford mini's...

I bought the de-humidifier, shine spray and dry shampoo.
I like the de-humidifier, it kept my hair straight all day and it didn't get all kinky. The shine spray made my hair feel soft and shiny, but I didn't like the dry shampoo. I usually use the Batiste stuff (loving the Diva scent right now!), and in comparison the Lee Stafford one doesn't really compare. The Batiste one, makes my hair look less greasy, all the Lee Stafford one did was disguise it a bit. BUT I do LOVE the smell of these products....!!

Ok, haul over...That was fun!! I just can't wait for the Boots Boxing Day sales, where all the gift sets go down to half price...That will definitely be a MUCH BIGGER haul!

Thanks for reading...

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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