Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Gossip Girl...& Random waffle...!!

Omg LOVE this season...It is getting sooo good! I want to know what Serena's mum is hiding from her...!!Also, why on earth did Serena choose Nates cousin instead of him!? Where can I find a Chuck Bass??!Lol!! The new episode is out...WooOOoooHooOOOo!!! I can't wait to watch it, and Ugly Betty!!
I soooo want to go to New York, Betty makes me sooo jealous!! I want friends like Mark and Amanda, (I know Christina is her best friend, but naah! Lol!) I want a billionaire boyfriend and I want to work in fashion (again!)... Omg did I just say I'm jealous of UGLY BETTY!??! Lol!!
I always wonder...Will they ever give her a makeover?!
I was thinking of trying out a mac msf, so I was talking to a friend who is also a mac fiend like me (&probably everyone else out there) and she's never tried one either...So I'm gona go get one on Saturday and if I dont like it, I can just use it as an eyeshadow I think...because they're quite pigmented!! I'll do swatches!!
I'm also going tp be doing some makeup pics...just some ideas of colours to put together etc...but wana get my eyebrows threaded first, they're a mess lol!! I'm loving mac paradisco with shroom as a highlight and espresso as the crease colour at the moment....So I'm thinking I'll do that one first! I'm not no make up artist etc...I just learnt from youtube like many other people!!

Ok, I think I've waffled on...!!

Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX


  1. I agree with you,this season of GG is amesome.
    And where can i find a Nate?lol
    Nice blog


  2. Lol I wish there were loads of Nates out there, one for each of us!! Thanks, it's still quite new but I'm working on it!!XXX