Wednesday, 1 September 2010

I can't sleep

I can't sleep, so I thought I would do a random post, full of waffle...Can't imagine anyone wanting to read this!

My hair has started to shed again, so I bought this product from Boots yesterday. It smells really nice, and tingles giving a really cool sensation on the scalp. It's got caffeine in it, which is meant to stop the shedding cycle of your hair...We'll see. I've also ordered another tub of Extreme elasticizer...I'm piling on the good stuff, as I don't want my hair thinning again! I'll do a review on the tonic is a week or so, once I've used it properly. I'm getting my hair chopped tomorrow, but remember I said I was colouring it like Audrina? Well, I decided against it and will do it once my hair stops shedding. I will have Audrina hair...One day!

I went to the hospital today, for my Roaccutane check up. I've been kept on the same dose, and this will be my final 8weeks...Pheew. Although I haven't had half the potential side effects of this drug, in fact at the moment all I'm struggling with is dry lips, I am fed up of being on medication. I know it makes me sound moany, as the drug has improved my skin no-end, but I just don't want to be on it anymore!

I also bought the Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair yesterday. I really want a sophisticated anti-ageing product and a lot of people have recommended this. So, I'll try it out, if it doesn't do anything, then I have decided I am going to bite the bullet and pay £100 for Crem de la Mer. I know it's good stuff, but I just can't part with £100 for a cream. Although, with work I get bonus bond vouchers which can be used in Selfridges, so I really don't know what I'm complaining about...! I'll do a review on the Advanced Night Repair in a couple of weeks, once I can see any difference.

I ordered a couple of things from, but I'm going to return them. I liked the bag, so I may keep that, but the dresses both look a bit cheap in real life, so I'll be returning them.
I bought:
*Alexis oversized shopper bag
*Leena Animal and Lace Print Dress
*Kim Floral Sleeved Dress (the stitching on this one was coming apart at the bottom!)
Having said this, I still love boohoo, and all its clothes!

Hhhmm...What else can I waffle on about?! Oh I'm growing my nails! I've always been a nail biter, since I was young. This month, as I've been fasting, and I can only eat from around 8pm-4am in a day, I haven't bitten my nails. I am so proud of myself, and will be having my first ever manicure next week :D I'll of course be taking photos to show my nails off! I'm so excited!

Ok, I think I've waffled enough for 4am....!! I hope I haven't bored anyone to death!

Goodnight all...
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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