Thursday, 16 September 2010

Happy Birthday to me :D

Hey Guys,

How is everyone? As per the title, it's my birthday today! However, I spent it on a course about the UK Energy Market...It was interesting I guess, and we got a good lunch :-) I'm too tired to do anything today, but will be going out on Saturday.

Anyways, my Naked Palette is here ...Well it came yesterday, but we missed the post so I went and collected it today. I love the colours, its really nice. However, I feel like I already have them all in some form or another. The product itself is great, can't complain, I just feel as though I could've done without it!It's got some great, well pigmented colours and it's convenient having all the colours in one place. If you're a neutral lover like me, chances are you already have the colours and if you want to save money, I would say you could do without it. (OMG, I am really getting older...The 'Me' yesterday would've just thought who cares?!)

So, on to the photos...Of course!
I think I'm most excited about using the brown eyeliner!

In other non-beauty news...Look at what I am going to eat in a bit...
Good Times...Obviously not all three of them!


Look at how cute this card my friend made for me :D
She knows my obsession with koalas (they're sooo cute!) and made me this card. It's so amazing!

Love Shameeraxxx


  1. Awwh! The cards are adorable.

    Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Thanks! I know the card is so cute, I love it!

  3. Happy birthday! Those cupcakes look DELICIOUS!

  4. They WERE delicious! They had like a rasberry filling inside - and I usually hate jam stuff! I want another one...