Wednesday, 8 September 2010

My first manicure

Being a nail biter all my life, I've never ever had a manicure. I've had acrylics put on, but thats about it for my nails. Whilst fasting, I stopped biting my nails and they grew without me realising, which was a great way of  kicking the habit! My nails still aren't pretty to look at, but I'm adamant to get them there.
So, to the manicure. I had it done at a Nails inc concession in Debenhams, and I was not impressed. We paid £38 each, and all we got was a 20min manicure which was a file, cuticle, 1 minute moisturising cream massage (combined both hands!) and polish. I'm sorry, but if I'm paying that much, I expect a lot more. For a treatment called 'Heavenly Hands', I sure didn't feel heavenly afterwards. I did a little research, and at another salon, £37 would buy me a deluxe manicure including all the above, plus exfoliation, mask and massage.
Anyways, below are some photos of my hand....I went for a natural colour. It was peach based, but came out clear on my nails. Please don't laugh at them!!!

Have you guys ever had a disappointing treatment?? Any tips on how to make my nails and hands look much better?

Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx


  1. Aw, this is why I wouldn't go to Nails Inc unless it was on offer or something - you really can get better for your money elsewhere, and apparently they take on a lot of techs new to the industry (which isn't necessarily a bad thing, we all have to start somewhere!)

    I do think your nails look nice though, well done for stopping nibbling x

  2. Well, we did get 10% off haha...! It was such a waste of money. The actual techs weren't bad, it was just the treatment. I wish I asked on Cosmo before I went! But thanks though, I'm glad they don't look too bad!

  3. So clean and feminine! <3

    Make sure you stop biting them and let them grow!!

    Nails Inc polishes = yum! But I would never get a manicure done there! I do my own!

  4. Omg you think they look feminine? I love you haha! I feel they look so un-feminine!

    The polish is really nice, you're right. Manicure = no! You'll have to do a post on how to do your own manicure, as I would like to read that - I'm clueless when it comes to nails!

  5. Nails Inc are known for being really crappy at manicures, I've seldom heard of anyone having a good experience with them.

    I'm a nail biter for life too and my nails are far shorter than yours! I did manage to grow them once but they broke off because I stupidly went bowling

  6. Haha Rhamnousia..Bowling and nails don't sound like a good combination! Hope you're growing them back now though?