Saturday, 18 September 2010

Review: Lush Herbalism

On the day I got my manicure, we had 2 hours to kill because the manicurist told us we didn't need to book an appointment, however when we went she said she couldn't do it for another 2 hours as she had appointments...Yeah, Nails inc just keeps getting better & better right?! So, we decided to walk around and because we were fasting we didn't want to do much, Lush it was. Does anyone else just love going in and playing with their stuff and the bowls of water!? So much fun! Started with the bath bombs, then the bars, the bath jellies and then finally skin care...As you can imagine, our hands were squeaky clean!

The products that most stood out to me were the cleansers. They looked so weird! Black, green and then a beige looking one (click the links to go to the products). I decided to go for the Herbalism cleanser. Its for oily skin, even though I don't have oily skin anymore, its a habit now, I can't accept that I don't have oily skin anymore. The cleanser includes chlorophyll (From what I can remember from GCSE biology, its the stuff that makes plants green!) nettle, rice vinegar, rosemary and kaolin. It then also includes ground almonds and rice bran to exfoliate. Good stuff, right?!

So, to the cleanser...It smells really vinegary. Not nice!! However, it's tolerable, and doesn't last so don't let it put you off. Once you wash your face with this cleanser, your skin feels soft and moisturised. I really liked it. It's easy to use, you take a little bit of the green stuff, mix it with water in your hands and it turns to a paste, you just have to use it like you would a normal exfoliator. My main issue with this cleanser is that it doesn't take off makeup. No matter how many attempts foundation and eyeliner doesn't budge. So, I tend to use this first thing in the morning, and then another cleanser to wash off makeup in the evening. This is really inconvenient, as it ultimately means if you're a make up user, you need 2 cleansers. If you're ok with this, then go for it as the cleanser leaves your skin feeling soft, and glowy. Also, the 100g tub would last you ages, as you only use a tiny amount every day, and it's about £5 so good value for money in this sense. However, if you're after convenience, and don't want separate cleansers then I wouldn't recommend this.

To the photos....

Has anyone tried the other Lush cleansers? What do you think of them? Should I try them all???



  1. I've always found Lush cleansers left my skin very dry afterwards.

  2. Really? This one isn't drying for me, have you tried it?

  3. Actually i used to use the Herbalism, i used it about 3-4 months...but what ended up happening was that my skin broke out really badly. I mean really bad, it looked like i had a severe acne. Any who in the end, i found out that my skin was just too sensitive for that particular product, and that's why my skin reacted the way it did! But i must say, i loved the feel it gave my skin, it really felt always soft afterward. Unfortunately it was just too strong for my skin type!

  4. Omgosh...That is so bad. I have just got 2 new spots this morning, very tiny and I thought it had been because I decided to come off my medication, but it could be the cleanser. I'm so glad you shared this. It does leave your skin feeling really soft, though totally agree, but not worth it if it gives you acne haha! Hope your skin has recovered?