Sunday, 19 September 2010

Skin & Hair update

I wanted to do a blog post about hair, and as I'll be all over the place next week (Cardiff Monday & Tuesday, London Thursday & Friday) I thought let me do it now as it's just a lazy Sunday.

So, the Roaccutane hair shedding has started, and with a vengeance this time. It's so obvious, and everywhere I go I'm leaving hairs, and the hairs that come out in the bath...It makes me want to cry. I had got my hair to such a nice, thick, long state. It has been shedding so much so that I decided to come off the medication. I didn't want to carry on at the risk of going bald. I haven't been taking it for a week now, and I have a few new spots which is actually worrying...Does this mean I'll be getting spots again?! So, I have stopped using the Lush cleanser and have gone back to Clearasil deep clean and am using Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Now, this product is so good. It has really refined my skin, and it brings a glow too. It has started fading my scars a bit too. I am really impressed with it. It has even tightened up the skin on my neck and face. This isn't something I knew that I had, but now that I have seen the difference, obviously I've aged more than I realised?! The product has also started evening out my skin tone. I haven't seen such a huge difference to my skin in such a long time. For £38, and you only use about 3 drops for the whole face, it will last a long time. On day I feel my skin isn't looking it's best, I add a whole droppers worth, and wake up with clean and fresh skin. Did you see how I just did a review within a ramble?! Anyways, back to the ramble, I think I'll just dig out the panoxyl 10 and hopefully the spots will clear up.

Ok, now on to the hair. So, the shedding...So upsetting, even the garlic shampoo had made no difference. My mum was watching one of her Indian channels, and there are quite a few beauty tips shows. On one of them, the lady called up about hair loss and the lady recommended to use a mixture of yoghurt & honey. I tried this today, with a little bit of olive oil and I have to say, my hair fell considerably less. It's only when I put conditioner on did I see the hair loss. So, I've decided to carry on doing this and using conditioner only at the ends. Also, when I straightened it, I only did the ends, so the roots don't get damaged and fall out. Please everyone pray that I don't go bald lol! Oh, I've also started taking these. They're like by the same guys that make the Perfectil skin, hair and nails, but more for hair. It still has all the skin and nail nutrients in, but with added hair stuff. Took my first dose today, so will update after 2 weeks I think. For £34.99, they better work!

I think I've rambled on enough, so I'll stop now! If anyone has any tips for hair loss, then please do let me know...I'll try anything!!

Love ShameeraXxX

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