Thursday, 23 September 2010

Body Shapes

This is going to be a really quick post as I've just got back from the gym, so am sweaty, but before I wash my hair I wanted to do the yoghurt & honey thing - which really works :) However, I'm going to do another hair post later on tonight or tomorrow as I have new products, and I had a revelation...

I was talking to my friend today about bodyshapes. I always thought I was an hour-glass (not the sexy kind unfortunately!) , but I'm big/small/big. However, my friend said I'm big/small/small. I just don't know what I am, but googling it, I found this article where Trinny and Susannah spoke about 12 possible bodyshapes. I'm not any of them either...!! I think that I'll stick to hourglass...It's the closest to my shape.

What bodyshape are you? Does anyone else not come into a category!? How many categories are there...?!


  1. i dont think i come into a catagory , i have big boobs for my frame but not big to be considered hourglass, my thigh and hips are big and my waist small but my torso is short.
    confusing ! x

  2. Your shape sounds like mine...We should make up a name for our shape! x