Friday, 10 September 2010

EOTD - Eid :D

After my practice EOTD at the weekend (I think!), Rhamnousia fro Desi Girl Does Makeup said to use less colours. I couldnt with that batch, but then I thought Shameera, Golden Lemon pigment by Mac!! Duuh! So, With a little Two faced Shadow Insurance, fix+ and Golden Lemon, I came up with the below. Highlight was a Rock&Republic Shadow with my By Candlelight msf. I was inspired by the Beyonce look in the Telephone video, but I'm rubbish with eyeliner, and was in a rush this morning so I left that bit out. I may try it later, and post pics.
I really like how the colour emphasises the brown in my eyes, and makes them stand out. Also, the black liner really brings out the shape. I'm quite proud of this extremely easy look!!
Hope you like it!

I did sort the dodgy lash out lol!
I'm off to eat now...
I will put a recipe on for cakes later on today/tomorrow :D
Love ShameeraXXX

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