Sunday, 19 September 2010

Naked Palette look

Hey Guys,

So, I went out for my birthday  last night - Wagamamas & cookie dough at Pizza Hut...Good times :D They ended up making 2 cookie doughs but we asked for one to share, so we had a free one :D Couldn't eat it though!
Anyways, I did a smokey eye look with my palette with gunmetal on the lid and creep on the outer corner, virgin as a highlight, then with black liner all around. Unfortunately, my camera battery went, and I was so tired by the time I got home that I couldn't wait to take my makeup off and sleep, so no pics. However, my friend did a look with her palette and it was gorgeous - She used smog and half baked on the lid, creep on the outer corner and virgin as highlight. Then the black liner. Luckily, she remembered to take photos for me :D (iPhone camera!)
How gorgeous is this look?! I love it, and it looked so nice on her.

I know initially I was like yeah the palettes nice but not that special etc...but I've changed my mind! All the colours are gorgeous and with the pencils, you can really just take it anywhere, and it's so versatile. Ok, so I have most the colours here and there, but to have them all in one place is great! Plus, the packaging is so nice...Brown velvet with gold writing...Love it! Totally worth the £27. Plus the primer potion has the new and improved, bent wand. I'm glad I bought it now.

On another, totally non-beauty note, United won! Woohoo!! :D

Hope you enjoyed this look, even though it wasn't mine haha!!
Love ShameeraXxX


  1. I want the palette even more now!! xxx

  2. I'll post you mine everytime you need to use it lol! xxx

  3. I want this palette so much! I keep it in my watching list on ebay and then someone bids on it on the last minute lol. You did a great job :)

  4. Oh no, thats the worst...You think you'll get it, but then you don't! Get if from House of Fraser - mine was £27.

  5. I think I just need you to come up everytime I'm going out so you can do my make up :) x