Saturday, 25 September 2010

EOTN - Charity Event

I went to a charity event this evening, it was a dinner/fashion show. They're usually quite boring, but it's for the cause, and it's an outing, I guess. The charity was Rahma (mercy) which helps the people in Albania and Kosovo. It also helps a lot of orphans, which is something I think is a really important cause to support...Imagine being without any parents...These little kids, losing their parents to wars or illness. It's so sad.  :-(
Anyways, on to the more superficial thing of my EOTN...
I used the Naked palette (again!), and to think I was so dismissive of it when I got it.

Lid - Toasted.
Crease - Naked and Darkhorse
Highlight - Virgin
Top Liner - Zero and Hustle pressed on top to smudge it out.
Waterline - Sabaya black, I find Zero is too thick a formula for the waterline, and it wears of weirdly...It stays but goes all bitty :s
Mascara - Giorgio Armarni Eyes To Kill.

Hope you liked it!
Love Shameeraxxx

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