Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Harrods, but no haul?!

Hey Guys,

How is everyone? I got back from London this morning, so am knackered! Had a good journey back up though as I had a friend with me, so we gossiped the whole way here! We also ended up eating 4 pastries from the hotel buffet between us...This is such a bad week for me...!!

So, I popped into Harrods for some shopping but I didn't buy anything! Can you believe it?! No makeup, no clothes...Just a few food bits! Ok, so I bought a few things, but food doesn't really count. Some macaroons and baklava!?! I needed to get some Laduree macaroons though, and OMG they're amaaazzing! If anyone gets the chance to try them, then do it! Just don't try the orange flower flavour, as it tastes like shower gel :-s Vanilla, Rose and Pistachio are my faves, especially pistachio. The actual tea room is so beautiful and decadent, I want to eat there next time. The packaging is so beautiful too...Like I bought something from a designer store. I bought some on Monday, and we finished them on Tuesday for lunch, so I went back on Tuesday for another box...£22 on biscuits in 2 days....No comment, right?!
Poor quality photos:
The caramel melted in my car :-(
First box all gone!

I can't believe I've just done a huge post on macaroons...!! To end it, let me give you a link to the recipe for macaroons in case I've given you cravings....Although it wont be as good as Laduree haha! 

Tomorrows my birthday, but I'm going to be stuck in a training course...It's ok though, at least I wont be working.

I will do a proper post sometime this week...
Love Shameeraxxx

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