Monday, 5 April 2010

I missed my blog...

I've been working away  from home for the past few weeks, and have not had a chance to update my blog. I've actually missed it!! I've got so many new things to show and tell...!!
 1) RedFootRevolution shoes: I saw a write up on these in my latest Glamour magazine, they have the official Sex and the City shoes, and are the official footwear suppliers to Dancing on Ice. Being a huge Sex and the City fan ( I can not wait for the new film to come out, I'm so excited!!) I had to get the shoes. I love them all, but obviously love Carries character. It's really weird, because I really dislike Sarah Jessica Parker for some reason, I just don't know why..?! But yeah, so I got the Carrie shoes: I love the gold detailing, it's so cute :-) I have a 10% discount code if anyone wants a pair - ER96873 - Enjoy!

2) I had my Roaccutane checkup, and my nurse was really impressed with the results, she said it was an amazing change which I was happy about. She said I could increase my does if I wanted, or just stick to the same. I chose to increase as otherwise you have to stay on the medication for longer. I have had more side affects though - joint pain which is quite painful, but it's tolerable. My lips are a lot drier, but again easy to kept under control with vaseline and carmex. Skins still clear, but drier.

3) I have found a new mixture of products which have totally changed the skin on my body. Baby oil and Aqueous cream. Apply the oil as soon as you get out of the bath, wet. Then once thats dried in, then put the Aqueous cream on. I have found strechmarks fading, and my skin looks so much smoother, and luminous. Try it :-) Aqueous cream piled on at night over the lips or any dry areas works great, you wake up the next morning with it gone!

4) Mini haul:

New foundation: With my roaccutane, my skin has become dry, rather than oily so my Chanel Matte Lumiere no longer worked for me. It left me looking dry and dull by the end of the day. So, I went looking for a new foundation. I really wanted a HD foundation, so I tired Smashbox first but it actually started breaking me out, so I stopped because I got scared lol! Then I saw the L'oreal Studio Secrets HD foundation - £15.99 and the colour is perfect for me. It comes in a brush/pump container so you dont need a brush, but I prefer my stipling brush effect, so I pump a bit out onto my hand, stiple it on and then finish with my StudioFix. It's staying power isn't great in comparison to Chanel, which is annoying as I have to touch up during the day which I don't have to with Chanel. I may look at Chanel Vita-Lumiere or Pro-Lumiere next.

Mac Fix+: I've coveted this product for so long, I just love everything it promises...Freshens your makeup and skin. The fact that you can apply your pigments wet with it, and finishes makeup. I had a wedding to goto on Friday, and I sprayed it on after I applied my makeup, and it did actually keep my makeup on all day (Even the foundation!). So, I was pretty impressed. I want to try it now with pigments.

Bedhead Shine Spray: Ok, I know I said I wasn't going to buy any more hair products, but blame my hairdresser!! Lately, my hair has been quite dull looking (Roaccutane :@) and so when I went to have my hair cut, my hairdresser pointed it out. So, she recommended this shine spray. I thought in my head, do I have a shine spray, and I don't. I did have the Lee Stafford mini's, but they had finished, so I didnt have one. This one is serum-like, and smells so good!! It actually worked, my hair looked shiny!! I really liked it! I did regret buying it, but when I used it, I was happy with the result so it worked out well. I have decided to throw away all the hair products I don't use, or give them away. No ways am I going to be able to do a project 10 pan lol!

I think that's it for now...
Thanks for reading,
Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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