Friday, 16 April 2010

Monthly Boots Haul

It was the 15th of the month yesterday, so I got paid..This means Boots time!! I just don't know why I feel I have to go every month..I spend about £40 on just random stuff I don't even need, but want :-s I just see the 3 for 2's or the Buy One Get One Free's and have to take advantage.

So at the moment they have the 3 for 2 on all skin care. I love these, it gives me the opportunity to buy stuff I wouldn't normally...My head is thinking about the freebie!

I bought these 3 in the skincare offer:

Clearasil wash - I just love scrubs with salicylic acid in, but didn't need another one. I didn't even know why I bought this with everything else on offer. However, I just washed my face with this, and omg it's left my skin so clean and soft. The exfoliating particles are really nice and fine, so when you scrub, you can feel it scrubbing away anything dry and flakey and yucky!!
I've been looking for an eye treatment for so long, everything I buy makes my eyes puffy in the morning as it's too rich. So, I thought a rollerball pen must be quite light and nice. Also, I've heard quite positive things about it so we'll see. I'll do a review once I've used it for a while to make a judgement.
Soap&Glory mask...I'm sorry, I just love their packaging! I'm such a sucker for these kinds of things! AND to think I have a degree in Business & Marketing...Lol! It sounds good though, it heats up, and turns blue onces its done..I'll be using this tomorrow after the steam room :-)

Next up I bought John Frieda Root Awakening Shampoo & Conditioner. It's 2 for £6. After the Phytojoba (which I gave to my aunt), I've just been using whatever is in the bathroom - so at the moment I'm using Treseme. My mum loves it, but I'm not a huge fan, so I needed a new shampoo and conditioner. This is meant to strengthen & feed your hair from the roots. Sounded good...!

Then I bought some evening primrose oil capsules. Until I started roaccutane, I couldn't swallow tablets, so I was taking evening primrose oil liquid from Boots. Although the taste was tolerable, I prefer tablets now. Boots are the only place that do them vegetarian. I love evening primrose oil, it has so many benefits for the ladies lol! is quite a simple article, but if you google it, you'll find loads about it. Great for the skin, and other girly things!

Finally, I got Revlon Photoready foundation. Ok, so I was just looking at the foundation, the texture I noticed it was on offer for £9.99, and heard so much about it. Then a lady came up to me, and gave me her £2 off voucher...She was like "Here you are, I don't want anything!". I loved her! So, I ended up only paying £7.99 for it! I wasn't even going to buy it till my L'oreal HD foundation finished...How could I resist?! Ok, so I've tried, and it's a full coverage - not something I'm used to. The finish is quite glowy though, which is quite nice it must be the glitter that I heard lollipop26 mention, I agree that you can only see it in daylight. I don't really mind it. I finished it off with my yellow Virgin Vie powder as I didn't need any further coverage. It's nice...Not great...Although I may change my mind after wearing it for a whole day, and not 5minutes lol! I'm colour no.5 by the way. The photo's I was taking kept reflecting, and not coming out clear, but everyone knows what it looks like :-)

Hope everyone has a great weekend...Enjoy the weather!!
Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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