Sunday, 11 April 2010

An amazing side effect of Roaccutane

Since I've increased my dose to 40mg, I've found more drying, esp at the side of my lips :-s I have to pile on the vaseline, Carmex and Aqueous cream to avoid yucky dry bits. It's horrid :-s It's clearing up the scars quite well too, which I'm really happy about.
However, something which I'm really happy about is my hair. As the roaccutane is getting rid of the oil in my body, it's also making my hair less greasy...Like seriously no grease!! I've not washed it since Tuesday and it's STILL not greasy..I've been to the gym and everything. Omg I sound so dirty lol but I've been feeling so lazy - it's  not a regular thing for me...!! It's so good not having to wash my hair everyday, and having to tie it up on the second day as it's too greasy to keep down. I haven't had to use dry shampoo at all. This is great stuff. Also, you would think this would make my hair dry/brittle looking, but nope, it's actually shiny and healthier which is also some kind of amazing side effect. Now all I need is for it to grow and I'll call Roaccutane the miracle drug :-)

Just had to share this...
Lots of Love from MyFrostedWorldxxx

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