Monday, 5 April 2010

Phytoba Review

I bought this shampoo a couple of weeks ago, because lollipop26 was raving about the Phytorum shampoo, and I love the Phytoil (I can't remember the exact name, but I know its the egg oil). I can't use the Phytorum, as it has alcohol, and therefore against my religion, even though it sounds fricking amazing...I really want volume-y, thick hair :-(
Anyways, as this stupid (but of course great) Roaccutane is dulling/drying my hair, I picked the shampoo for dry hair. Phytoba.
Ok, so the shampoo itself smells ok..Not nice, but not bad. It's..tolerable.
I love shampoo's which leave my hair feeling squeaky clean, whether thats good for my hair, or not I'm not sure! This shampoo leaves my hair feeling like it's coated in something, and kinda heavy which I don't like. So, I use a normal hair shampoo to begin with so it feels clean, then shampoo with they Phytoba (I'm a strong believer in the double cleanse for both skin and hair.) I then condition.
Overall, I've not seen a difference with the shampoo, in comparison to my usual Ojon or Elvive (The pink bottle, but the light version), and I really don't like the heavy/unclean feeling it leaves. I think its for someone with really dry/brittle hair, not mine (which is normal-ish!).

Hope this review helps you guys!
Lots of love
From MyFrostedWorldXXX

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