Thursday, 8 April 2010

boohoo haul

I'm still waiting for my Sex and the City shoes, but my parcel came today :-)
I only bought 3 things, so it's a mini haul :-s

I've wanted a pair of denim harems for a while, these are o-kaayy, because the ones I have in my head I can not find anywhere...Does anyone else do that?! Have an idea of an item in their head that you haven't actually seen?! Searching for something that may not exist is very difficult...

The second item is a holey vest. It's paired with the above jeans in grey, but I ordered it in turquoise. I wish I got the grey now...Nevermind! I just thought, I'm always in grey/black/neutrals so wanted colour.

Then I got this cardi - It's only £8 and I love it!! Great colour, and I love the mesh look cardigans. I'll be buying some different colours in this style. I always do this with cardigans...I have every colour in the Zara cardigans :-s - £8

Unfortunately, I have no discount codes for boohoo at the moment :-( If anyone else has, please let me know!
Love from MyFrostedWorldXXX

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