Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Scrub Your Nose

Hey Guys,

How is everyone? Today was back to work, I was working from home but waking up early was a killer! Cant wait for the next batch of holidays. Dreading it when New Years is over and theres nothing to look forward to...

So, in a previous post I mentioned a new face scrub I was loving - it is Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose In It!!

I love that name lol! I got this in one of the pre-xmas offers Boots had, it was this huge bag/box thing worth £60 that I picked up for £25...Bargain or what?! There were loads of products in it...but I won't go on about it as you cant get it anymore haha!

Onto the scrub, which is also a 3 minute mask. Its a blue minty smelling scrub which has tiny grains that really scrub. It's got fruit acids in to ensure further exfoliation. Once you've used it as a scrub or mask, your skin is a soft as a feather. Gorgeous, really nice. I had a spot on my chin that just wasn't budging, and using this scrub has dried it up:) What I will say is that sensitive skin may find it a little harsh. My skin is now slowly going back to normal, with oil returning, so it's not as sensitive anymore. I can imagine my Accutane skin not being able to take this, as it stings a bit and can feel a little harsh. I guess that's why its not an everyday product...!

I just went on to the Boots website now and saw there are 49 reviews going on about how amazing the product was for them. You can read the reviews here. Overall, I would recommend the product for problem skin that isn't too sensitive.

On to other news, I just ordered these shoes on for £10! If you like them, go pick up a pair...£10!! They're in black, grey or maroon/red. It's called the Nancy Perforated Stud Backless Heels.

Also, are offering 30% off everything, just enter SALETIME in the coupon box at check-out. I just picked up another Elasticizer :)

Now this is what I call a good sale item...
Hope everyone is enjoying their time off...I know I am!! If you have any offers/sale picks, let us know!!

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. I love scrub your nose in it, I got some for christmas. Makes my face go all tingly.

    Emma x

  2. That tingly feeling is really nice, makes you feel all clean :D If you got the hot pore cleanser, I'd be careful as it made me breakout :@ xxx