Sunday, 26 December 2010

Boxing day haul...

A bit disappointing really...
I woke up at 9am to get to the sales for 10am, only to find out Boots opens at 10:30, so instead of waiting in the queue we popped into Sport Direct to keep warm as it was the only shop open. To be honest, I've never been into one, just online for cheap tracksuit bottoms for the gym. I just have to say, I'm pretty impressed. I picked up 2 t-shirts, a pair of slippers, a mug and my mum a sports bra and it was only £20!

Here's the mug :D
Anyways, now on to the Boots stuff...I was extremely disappointed with Boots this year...Bought hardly anything. There just wasn't anything good out there. It kinda put me off shopping...haha!

Heres the pics:
This is inside...

Yep, that's it!! I'll be going into town tomorrow so lets see what I pick up then. Highlight of my day was buying a electric blanket & Memory foam pillows from Tesco...Yes, I am an old lady. I really want to go to the Harrods sale...One day I will!

Anyways, let me know what you thought of the sales, what did you you get??

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. Oh I have an electric blanket and I love it eheh!

  2. Mine didn't work lol...I'll have to go return it tomorrow...Damn Tesco, no wonder I prefer Asda!! x