Friday, 31 December 2010

2010...What Happened?!

Omg how quick has this year gone by?! I swear, I can still remember January! So, hows the year been for everyone?

As everyone else is doing a best beauty finds of the year, I will too!

I started this year off with the worst skin ever possible. I mean cystic acne, red, angry, swollen, painful. My face used to hurt, and I used to wonder if it would ever clear up. It was the worst breakout of my life! I then went onto Roaccutane, and it was my saviour. I have finished the year with clear skin, better than it's ever looked, well since I was a baby! I wish we could keep that same soft, clear dewy skin all our lives...

Unfortunately, the only side affect I had from the medicine was hair loss. During the medicine because my hair wouldn't get greasy, I washed it like once a week and it grew gorgeously long and thick...This all went :( and I had to chop my hair off. This was devastating for me. Although I'm used to the short hair now, I just remember hating it when I had it done. I felt so ugly lol! I still miss the length, I can't just leave my hair natural anymore, as it's a frizz-bomb, but I guess it doesn't take long to do anymore. My hair is slowly starting to grow back and the loss is subsiding, but its still there. Hopefully by this time next year, I'll have long, thick hair again :)

My fave new makeup products of 2010 were from the Armarni makeup range. The foundation and mascara are the only 2 items I've purchased so far, my friend purchased the loose powder as well, put that on top of the Luminous Silk and your skin is gorgeously flawless and glowy. I wouldn't ever be able to go back to Mac now. I just wish there was somewhere that sold Armarni in Leicester as I'm a bit weary of buying makeup online as I'm worried about buying the wrong colour. Maybe 2011 will bring Armarni makeup to Leicester...!

With hair products this year, nothing has really stood out. I guess I was in love with Garlic shampoo as it really helped my hair grow, but it stopped working after a while or maybe that was the hair loss...Not sure! Anyways, if I wasn't going through the hair loss, I would've kept using it. It is meant for hairloss, but it didn't do anything for me. Nevermind. Nioxin products have beeen good to give volume, so if your hair is fine, try the products as they really do build volume. Overall, the only product that is yet again at the top for me is Philip Kingsley Elasticizer, and this year I tried the Extreme which was great.

Skincare...This year I tried Creme De La Mer. Was it worth the £100?? Naah! I just don't understand what it does?! Seriously, what on earth did I pay £100 for? To begin with, the first week or 2, it gives a glow to your skin and then I think your skin gets used to it I think and then nothing....! I'm still using it, but in conjunction with Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair. Now, this product, I like. It has really started clearing my skin of any redness and when you wake up your skin is really nice and clear. Just don't put it on your eyes as you will wake up with puffy eyes.

I would do a body post, but I don't really do anything lol! Just shower and baby oil. I guess baby oil could be the product of 2010?!? I did enjoy Bikram Yoga though, so that could be another 'product'?

On a personal note, I got a new job woohoo :D This was the highlight of my year as I hated my old job.

Let me know what products you loved this year...What should I try out in 2011???


Love ShameeraXxX


  1. Ooh you live in Leicester? I live in Coventry :) Love your blog btw x

  2. Ah you live so close by! Thats cool :) Thank You xxx