Sunday, 28 November 2010

My new boots :D

Hey  Guys,

I went shopping in Birmingham on Thursday, and picked up a few things.

Forever 21 was huge, but the actual merchandise didn't live up to my expectations. When I went to the F21 stores in Dubai, no matter which mall I was in I came back with something. Having said that, I did buy 2 dresses, a coat and a tshirt...Lol! Just, I expected more!

Anyways, my best buy of the day were these boots from River Island. They were £74.99, but I had my vouchers so paid £34.99 :D
The pics not that clear as I have no idea where I've put my camera! I'm not usually a fan of studded things, but love these :D

Whats been your fave purchase recently?

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. Ahaha, where are you getting these vouchers from? First the Creme la mer & now River Island? :P I'm soo jealous.

    Those Boots are fit! xx

  2. Lol they're like a work perk thing we get bonus bonds every month so I end up buying £100 creams and £75 boots without feeling bad about it lol! Btw Creme De La Mer - It's good, but not worth the £100!