Saturday, 20 November 2010

I'm back!

Hey Guys!

Hope everyone is well?

After last weeks depressing post, I feel a lot better, more positive and happier :D

I thought I would do a pot of random beauty buys over the past few weeks...!

It was Eid on Tuesday, and I know I usually do an EOTD, but all I did was use gunmetal and sin mixed together from the Urban Decay Naked palette, with Virgin as a highlight. Black liner and mascara. A very nice, and easy smokey eye! Unfortunately, it was a very busy day, so I've not got any pics!

Oh just a side note, it was our team day on Thursday and it was amazing fun! We did Go-Karting at lunch, but then in the afternoon we build huge towers out of chocolate and tried to knock each others down. So much fun! Anyways, it was at a car museum, and Penelope Pitstop's limo was there...How cool? It was pink with gold glitter. There were also a number of Aston Martins, including a bullet holed, beaten up one used in James Bond!

So, on to my buys...

My Armarni foundation is about to run out, and until I get a chance to go into a Selfridges or Harrods or order it online I bought No.7 Instant Radiance. I'm all about the JLO Glow, and this foundation gives you a glow. I've only worn it once, so can't really do a proper review on it, but on the day I did, it was good!

Boots are currently doing half price perfumes, and I saw Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, and I bought it! It's very fruity, yet has an edge. I love it...It is so becoming my new everyday perfume!

I finally got Mac Strobe cream, and I just have to say I love it so much! So much so, I use it everyday! It's really good, makes your skin look alive and well! So nice, mixed with foundation or just on its own. I definitely recommend this.

For my final purchase, you might be offended by it...It's Emu Oil. Basically, it's oil derived from the fat of an Emu bird. This stuff is meant to be amazing for hair and skin. I haven't used it on my skin, but it is really moisturising on the hair and gives it such a nice shine. I don't want to say too much about it as I want to do a proper post on it with background info and everything!

I know this is a random post, and if you have any questions about any of the products, just ask me and I'll let you know!

Love ShameeraXxX

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