Sunday, 13 February 2011

Arabian Nights

Hi Everyone!

We're getting one of our lounges done up, and I wanted to go for the Middle Easter/Moroccan look. I love how its so rich and opulent, and still comfortable. Its so beautiful. I'm bored of all these all white/ all cream...lifeless rooms, I love colour and brightness. I hate clutter though, so I like to still keep it minimal.
We chose a colour called Eastern Spice (3) by Dulux, as on the tester page it looked like a mix of that sunset orange/brown. Unfortunately, it's actually more orange! However, it's a really beautiful colour...
Now our lounge has floor to ceiling windows, so it can get very bright so the orange can look a bit much, but I'm thinking once the carpet and curtains etc are all in it'll look much better.

So, the look I wanted to go for was:
 Ok, so this is a bedroom lol...

 I just love this below room...So bright, but gorgeous! Obviously not to everyones taste though...

So far it the paints been done and looks likes:
I didnt want to show the whole room as it's a mess with the old carpet and painters bits and bobs!
That's the colour, with the door, I want to put some material draping over it.
Old carpets....and everything else!!

Once it's all fully done, I will do an updated post with the full look, just wanted to get your ideas on what you think is a Middle Eastern style room??
 Lanterns, candles, cushions and drapes are all obvious, so now to go find them. Where would you recommend?

Love ShameeraXxX


  1. I love the pics ,, go for it ,, but i have no idea where u can find them ,,
    But yeah burgendy clor , coushins , yellow lights :) good luck . Cant wait to see it all put together

  2. I'm really excited to see the end result too...Thanks for the ideas :)

  3. Hm, you could maybe add some wooden furniture with intricate detailing?

    I really like the look of what you're going for! I wouldn't have it myself right now - I'm still into pale walls with bold colours/simple furniture - but if I was to ever go bright, it'd definitely be in this direction!

  4. all those rooms look so gorgeous.. Love your blog :)

  5. 25FLONDON - I like the idea of intricate furniture, maybe I'll google online for some! I like pales walls with bold furniture, I just hate all those plain everything rooms!

    Persephone - Thanks :-) x

  6. Yeh. Plain everything is just.. Plain. & Boring! It's nice to show your personality in your space!

  7. Agree - Personality in your space - Like that!